By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: JVC has launched its new highly optimised brand website, offering consumers the chance to buy products at RRP direct from the supplier. JVC is distributed in Australia by Hagemeyer.

The new site, which includes video demonstrations, a retail store locator and extensive details on the JVC product range, should provide a good tool for prospective consumers looking to research products before committing to purchase.

In addition to showcasing JVC’s consumer range of camcorders, sound systems, in-car units and headphones, the website also features products from JVC’s professional range.

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A newsroom section lets consumers and other interested parties keep up-to-date with the latest releases and developments at the brand, whilst there is also a free newsletter that one can sign up to.

The site directly links to JVC’s Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages, making this a true touchstone for JVC’s wider digital marketing strategy. Although these social media pages are not overly swamped with followers, likers and subscribers, they do provide a very strong proposition at a time when many brands are struggling to deal with the Gen Y/social media conundrum.

Click here to visit JVC's new website.