Mirth reigned supreme on Day 2 of the 2013 International CES in Las Vegas. Amongst all the great products and interesting releases were several more amusing moments.

Suitcase Surprise

Pop Quiz: For which country did TCL specifically design and manufacture this Briefcase TV for?

The answer, obviously, is Mongolia.

Hisensual Transparency

UnderCurrent has previously mused at to what exactly a Transparent Television might look like and today it received a one-on-one demonstration:

That’s Hisense Australia national marketing manager Andre Iannuzzi showcasing this nascent and primarily B2B TV.

No Key Eh?

Considering the luminary monstrosities that are Samsung’s, LG’s and Sony’s stands, UnderCurrent could only assume fierce phone rival Nokia has fallen on hard times judging by its stand(?):

King of Giveaways

How does a company looking for distributors and resellers stand out among the throng at a megashow like CES? ZooGue came up with a novel approach – give your products away:

The line to sign up for this offer snaked around rival booths for 40 metres.

Branding Rights

Best brandname of the 2013 International CES must surely go to this smartphone accessories company:

Celebrity Watch

UnderCurrent is not having a good time of it spotting stars at CES. While it missed Motorhead launching its Motorheadphones and still can’t find Maroon 5 overexposing themselves with Intel, it did at least catch an image of this respected rival hack with popular rap star and local currency 50 Cent.