By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: With her husband, daughter, granddaughter and staff looking on, Dick Smith GM Debra Singh had a close shave with charity this morning, shedding her curls as part of the World Greatest Shave.

Just after 9am this morning at Dick Smith’s George Street (Sydney) store, Singh submitted to the Number Zero shave to raise money and awareness for cancer research. Her biggest sponsor, Logitech’s George Saad, had the honour of delivering the first lap of clippers. He said that it was an honour to be involved with such a great cause.

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We asked Debra Singh, who had very stylish short blond curls this morning, why she had agreed to cut it all off.

“The team do it every year and this year they set a target of $10,000, and I said ‘C’mon guys, we can do better than that — $100,000 at least and if we get to $100,000 I’ll shave my head’.

“I also did it because I had friends and family impacted by cancer, like a lot of people have had, and I also thought that in the last couple of months there has been tragedy everywhere and that charitable fundraising is going to be tough, because people have given to the floods, they’ve given to the earthquake, and I thought this was something that I could do and give back and it’s a great cause.”

Debra Singh moments before the shaving commenced.

Logitech director George Saad applies the first crop to a terrified (?!) Singh.

Singh looking more relaxed with the professional now in charge.

Singh and Saad joking around before the final cut.

The new look, streamlined Debra Singh.

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