By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Navigon has today released a new app for Android smartphones, arguably one of the most practical, time saving, and angst evading apps for the driving city folk of Australia.

It is the Help2Park app, a free service that shows parking spaces nearby, though regrettably it does not advise drivers if the spots are already occupied. Navigon said it was the first app in a series it is releasing this year to mark its 20th anniversary.  The technology relies on the devices’ GPS receiver and pre-loaded Navteq maps. It is part of the MobileNavigator update.

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Also handy for stressed out city drivers is the live traffic information that is also provided.

For iPhone users with the MobileNavigator app drivers are guided directly to the parking space they select.

Additional features include, Reality View Pro, displaying photo-realistic 3D views of actual road and highway, signs and exits, and lane guide markers for easy driving decisions.

Now all Navigon needs is the miracle ‘remove that car from my park’ app to take the best app in the world title.