By Patrick Avenell

Here’s one for the trainspotters: Microsoft has announced the impending release of a Star Wars themed 320GB Xbox 360 console and Kinect bundle.

With this package, everyone (not really, as it’s limited edition) can emulate the Star Wars Kid from YouTube, or George Michael from Arrested Development, honing their Lightsaber skills through the Kinect’s motion sensor, controller-free gameplay.

“This first ever custom Xbox 360 and Kinect bundle includes an R2-D2 blue-and-white themed console, a custom Xbox 360 Wireless Controller inspired by C-3PO and the first ever white Kinect sensor,” said a Microsoft Xbox 360 spokesperson.

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The availability of this unit is sketchy, with Microsoft describing it as “this holiday”, which seems to imply Christmastime. Consumers drooling for this like Jabba the Hutt at an all-you-can-eat buffet are encouraged to pre-order through participating retailers.

The full pack contains the Kinect Star Wars game, the 320GB Xbox 360 console, a Kinect sensor, a themed wireless controller, a wired headset and the Kinect Adventures game.

The Star Wars Xbox 360 bundle is RRP $599.

This does look pretty nifty. We'd also like to see a Harry Potter version, Indiana Jones and, of course, a Trainspotting-themed console.

If Microsoft really wanted to mine Star Wars fandom, it could release a Family Guy themed Star Wars themed bundle.

The full bundle pack, coming soon, in a galaxy so close to this one that it actually is this one.