By Patrick Avenell

The transformation of the Photo Imaging Council of Australia (PICA) to the Imaging and Digital Entertainment Association (IDEA) is more than just an amusing name change, with executive director Paul Curtis telling that real changes are now set to be implemented.

Although PICA-cum-IDEA has not yet updated its website to reflect this name change, it has outlined a series of new initiatives to broaden its appeal. This is especially true outside the traditional imaging industry, with Curtis saying that he wants companies from other industries to be involved in the new Digital Show to be staged by IDEA in Melbourne next year.

“The new constitution allows companies outside of the imaging capture business to join the new Digital Show,” Curtis said.

When asked which industries Curtis was targeting — thought to be the smartphone, tablet and PC categories — he remained tight lipped.

“Once legal has finished setting up the new association, we will be inviting specific companies to join. However, I prefer to make such approaches directly to the companies concerned rather than try to conduct our business-to-business relationships through the media.”

Other new initiatives enabled by this change include allowing non-imaging companies membership of the association; allowing these companies to become directors of the association; the distribution of profits from the Digital Show to companies outside the imaging industry; and the creation of “different circles of membership within the association, such as senior management, marketing managers, compliance officers and all the way through to tech enthusiasts at consumer level”, according to Curtis.

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In the announcement of this new IDEA this morning, several appointments were confirmed. These included the election of Fujifilm’s Dave Marshall to the presidency, the appointment of new consultant Katherine Singson and the affirmation of Paul Curtis as the “initial” CEO.

Joining these three are boardmembers Clem Kennedy (CR Kennedy), Rob Gatto (Kayell), Jason McLean (Canon), Bruno Turcato (Epson), James Murray (Nikon), Clyde Rodrigues (Kodak), Marc Radatt (Olympus), Bruce Pottinger (L&P) and Richard Bailey (HP).

Finally, here is the quotation from new president Dave Marshall that inspired this story:

“This is not just another routine name change,” he said.