When consumers go out looking for a washing machine they are normally only given two choices, front loader or top loader. But there still remains another option, twin tubs.

Twin tub washing machines are often overlooked in the market due to the fact that they require a lot more effort and work.

This is due to the fact that you have to manually lift the clothes out of the washing tub and move them into the spin tub, but what the market has overlooked is the remarkable water efficiency these models offer and drastic improvements in drying times.

John Huckel, managing director at Acton marketing, has witnessed this potential in the market and has started distributing a twin tub washer under the Belair brand.

“Once Hitachi and Samsung pulled out of the category there were only two other brands left in the market [Haier and Daewoo], so I thought I would take advantage of this and fill the gap in the market,” he said.

The key area of twin tub washers that Huckel thought was beneficial to the consumer was the water efficiency.

“Most front loaders use an average of 50-60 litres of water per wash, the Belair only uses 47.5 litres, not to mention the fact that you can reuse the water for multiple loads.”

Huckel didn’t deny that the twin tub category is small, but he emphasised that there is still strong support for the category, especially in country areas.

“It is definitely a niche market, but we want to take advantage of this,” he said. “We don’t need to create new markets or convert people over to twin tubs, people who are familiar with the technology and now of its benefits are the people we are targeting.”