Netgear has conducted research into the ways Australian consumers use their digital devices and go online, finding that almost a third of Australia’s internet-enabled devices are not used to access the internet.

The Netgear Connected Lifestyle Survey, conducted with Galaxy research, found that the average Australian family has six digital devices in the home, but 30 per cent of internet-enabled devices (more than 18 million across Australia) were not being used to their full potential and were “actually costing Australian families”.

“Today Australians can truly benefit from a connected home with a seamless and fast Wi-Fi network to share information between devices,” said Netgear Australia’s director of consumer channels, Brad Little.

“Australians have always been early adopters of technological devices. However, this research has shown we’re actually not making the most of our investment in the latest technology.

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“Considering the average family has six devices in the home, the fact that they are yet to take the final step of going online with them or connecting them to each other shows a need for greater understanding of how technology can enhance our lives.”

The research also found that Gen Y were the biggest collectors of digital content, storing 48 per cent more files than Baby Boomers. Despite all this digital data, 19 per cent of Gen Y survey respondents said they took no steps to back up their content.

“Despite online content being hailed as the ‘next big thing’ in multimedia, the survey results showed Australians remain restrained in their adoption of this technology. On average, Gen Y only stream or download 15 hours of digital video per month, while Baby Boomers download a mere five hours per month."