By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Telstra has today released a cut-price tough phone under its own brand name. Priced at only $360 outright, the Telstra Tough 2 has barely any bells and whistles but does feature a range of protective elements to protect it from the meteorological element.

The screen is a non-touch 2.4-inch scratch resistant Corning Gorilla Glass make with unspecified enhancements for daylight reading.

The phone is described by Telstra as having an IP54 rating for water and dust protection. This means it is dust protected but that ingress of dust into the handset is not entirely guaranteed, and that the phone is protected from splashing water against the handset from any direction. This phone has no water immersion protection.

Additional features include a 3-megapixel camera, MP3 player, FM radio, in-built GPS and expandable memory to 16GB.

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“Many of our customers tell us they’re looking for a mobile [phone] rugged enough to support their active lifestyles,” said Telstra executive director of mobility products Warwick Bray. “The Telstra Tough 2 is more durable than the average mobile and provides the functionality customers need to be connected and productive in harsh environments.”

“You can toss the Telstra Tough 2 into a toolbox or the cab of your ute and not worry about knocking the life out of it or scratching the screen.

It’s also a great companion for people who love the outdoors and activities like hanging out at the beach, camping, fishing or mountain bike riding.”

This handset is also available on plans from Telstra, which can be found here.