By Claire Reilly

SYDNEY, NSW: Uniden is going green with its latest GPS unit – a device that boasts the up-to-date maps and a Green Routing tool that suggests the most fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly route to any given destination.

Built for an i-obsessed generation of drivers, the iGO500 boasts an ultra-slim size that is “no thicker than an iPhone” according to Uniden, as well as a bright 5-inch touch screen LCD display.

The device is preloaded with Sensis Australian and New Zealand maps, with the additional capability of displaying roads, terrain and landmarks in 3D detail. It also features Junction View that shows upcoming intersections and Advanced Spoken Street Names and Lane Guidance so drivers won’t be caught off-guard.

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For those interested in saving on fuel costs without costing the earth, the iGO500 features Green Routing. “By calculating fuel consumption and carbon emissions across a number of route options, the driver can then select the journey which will have the smallest environmental impact,” said a Uniden spokesperson.

“Alternatively, the system is also capable of calculating the fastest, shortest or easiest route from the available choices.”

As an added feature for the safety conscious, the device is equipped with an Early Warning Safety System that offers warnings for fixed speed and red light cameras, and alerts for school zones, railway crossings.

The Uniden iGO500 is available exclusively from Officeworks for RRP $199.95.