By Adam Coleman

SYDNEY: Omega Appliances has become the first major whitegoods supplier to introduce a single portable induction cooktop on the Australian market, which consumer’s can use as an extra cooking area in the kitchen or take on holidays for use in a boat, caravan or powered tent site.

The Omega OIC16S has a low-profile design in a stainless steel finish and features user-friendly electronic controls to adjust temperature and a program function to pre-set the appliance to both start and stop cooking.

The key benefits of induction cooking when compared to all other types of cooktop are its cooking speed, energy efficiency, and safety – as the surface uses electromagnetic energy to heat cookware it does not get hot.
Hugely popular in Europe, induction has been relatively slow to catch on in Australia due to the premium price it has previously commanded.

Many in the category have suggested induction cooking will emulate its European success as the price points come down and affordable induction like the OIC16S (RRP $199) could potentially drive consumer acceptance of the technology.   

When an induction unit is turned on, the coils produce a high-frequency alternating magnetic field, which flows through the cookware. Molecules move back and forth rapidly, causing the cookware to become hot and cook the food.   
To achieve the maximum amount of efficiency it is essential consumers use the correct type of cookware – the base of all cooking vessels must be flat, not distorted or dented, and they must be of a ferrous metal or one that can be magnetised such as cast iron or magnetised steel including stainless steel pans with an iron base or core. 

The Omega portable induction cooktop is lightweight, has 1500 watts of power, is supplied with a stainless steel, induction-compatible four litre saucepan and is fitted with a one metre power cord.

The Omega OIC16S is available nationally to electrical retail outlets and appliance centres and comes with a two year warranty.