Drawing on 60 years’ experience in the category, Kenwood has launched the next generation of its kitchen machine the Kenwood Chef Sense, which will arrive in stores imminently.

Re-designed and re-engineered for an even more enjoyable user experience, the new kitchen machine come in two versions; the Chef Sense XL (KVL6020T, RRP $899) with a 6.7 litre mixing bowl, and the Chef Sense (KVC5020T, RRP $699) with a 4.7 litre bowl.

Kenwood Chef Sense XL, RRP $899

“The Kenwood Chef is a kitchen essential that a generation of cooks have used or come in contact with,” said Kenwood category manager Feliz Bensan.

“Its appeal comes from its reliability and incredible versatility. It can literally do anything that the creative imagination desires.”

The Kenwood Chef Sense is a baker’s delight; it comes with five dedicated bowls and tools, including creamer beater, dough hook, K-beater, whisk and folding tool.

The folding tool together with the folding function are designed to overcome recipes known for their technically  difficultly, such as  macarons and soufflés, by gently incorporating heavy ingredients into light ingredients, whilst maintaining the maximum amount of air and volume for the ideal texture and consistency.

Kenwood is focusing on the emotional pull of baking. When delivering their sales presentations, retailers should keep in mind that these appliances are for passionate cooks who will be keeping the machines in the family for many years.

“We want to really celebrate the process and the memories of cooking, and not just the end result. It really is about the shared experience with family or friends that can create long lasting memories.

“What we do know is that we have a very strong connection with our Kenwood Chef consumers where they have enjoyed the product through generational use. They are our biggest brand ambassadors,” Bensan said.

Kenwood Chef  Sense, RRP $699

One of the key improvements is the newly designed Tritan Splashguard that can now be added during the mixing process, without the need to stop and remove the bowl tools and will stay on the head of the unit if lifted to check ingredients.

Highly acclaimed pastry chef Kirsten Tibballs has been putting the Kenwood Chef through its paces at her Savour Chocolate and Patisserie School in Melbourne:

 We utilise the Kenwood Chef mixer in 90 per cent of our classes. It powers through everything, from tough bread dough to nougat, while also giving us a beautiful light texture in sponges.

It is versatile, light to carry, and easy to keep clean. The shape and size of the bowl is perfect for adding ingredients, whilst still mixing. The speed variation is ideal for every application. I have worked with a lot of mixers throughout my career and Kenwood is a stand out.

Outside of baking and mixing, the Kenwood Chef Sense becomes more versatile with the inclusion of attachments for high and low speed outlets.

The Chef Sense XL includes a Multi Food Grinder and Thermo resist Blender attachment that features Kenwood’s unique MultiZone blade technology. The blade section of the blender can be removed for easy cleaning.

The smaller Chef Sense includes the Multi Food Grinder attachment supplied with fine, medium and coarse screens that can be used for grinding all kinds of meat, vegetables and nuts.

Make the most of attachments when merchendising the Kenwood Chef Sense
Make the most of attachments when merchandising the Kenwood Chef Sense

Sales Tips & Promotions: Take advantage of the multiple attachments when merchandising 

“We recommend that retailers take advantage of the entire in-store merchandising material available to them. With Kenwood’s Chef Machines and Food Processors a lot of attachments are offered in-pack and to have this on display and affixed to the machine does make a significant difference and instant impact. Consumers get a clear understanding of what comes with the product and they can appreciate the true value offering of the unit itself,” Bensan said.

As part of the launch, an extra stainless steel bowl valued at $129 will be included in the pack for a limited time only.

To drive sales heading into the Chrismas period, the Kenwood Chef range will offer a bonus Ice Cream Bowl attachment valued at $129, available via redemption only from 1 November 2014 to 30 December 2014.