By James Wells

SYDNEY: LG Electronics Australia today announced the colours, pricing and availability of five combined washer/dryers which feature the company’s world first steam cleaning technology launched earlier this year in Paris.

LG has released two versions of the 10kg wash and 6kg dry models in black and pearl white (RRP $3,499) with 4.5 star water rating and 4.5 star energy rating.

Two versions of the 9kg washer and 5kg dryer models have been released in champagne pink and pearl white (RRP $2,874) which features 4 star water rating and 4.5 star energy rating.

A single model of the 8kg washer and 4kg dryer has been released in pearl white (RRP $2,499) which features 4.5 star water rating and 4.5 star energy rating.

The steam washing system, which was developed by LG over two years of research and development, is designed to provide consumers with a more convenient and hygienic method of washing and cleaning clothes.

Among the key features of the steam washer/dryers is a dual spray system which sprays both water and steam on clothes continuously throughout the wash cycle to improve wash performance.

The products also feature a 20-minute Steam Refresh Cycle which refreshes clothes with steam to deodorise and reducing creasing without using detergent or taking water into the drum.

LG Electronics Australia general manager – marketing, Paul Jenkins, believes that the technology will be ideal for the local market.

“The development of LG’s steam washer/dryer range caters to the evolving nature of Australia’s household needs by delivering a high quality product that optimises the use of living space whilst streamlining a major household task. It is the perfect all purpose wash and dry solution no matter the size of the household or the laundry space.

“With consumers struggling to find time, it’s a comfort to know that this new steam technology reduces creases in garments and thereby decreases the need for ironing,” he said.

”Whereas traditional high heat washing processes waste energy in heating up the water and the drum, the Steam Washer and Dryer utilises steam for an improved washing performance with just a fraction of the energy. With a 4.5 Star energy rating across the entire range and a minimum of 4 Star Water Efficiency Labelling Standards (WELS) rating, the Combined Steam Washer and Dryers are one of the most water and energy efficient products on the market at such enormous capacities

“The LG Combined Steam Washer and Dryer is a stroke of technological genius. It seamlessly integrates into your home and won’t stand out as a laundry soap box. The bold black or champagne pink is sure to make a style statement in any Australian household,” Jenkins said.

In addition to the steam cleaning models, LG has also extended its existing combined washer/dryer range with two new models that feature improved water efficiency. The WD-1438RD 8kg washer and 4kg dryer (RRP $2,124) and the WD-1488RD 7kg washer and 4kg dryer (RRP $1,749) which both feature direct drive motor, load sensing, water recirculation, 4 star water rating and a 4.5 star energy rating.

LG has commenced a national television advertising campaign to promote the launch of the steam washer.