By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Kenwood will be launching a Kmix version of the Triblade, featuring a 700-watt motor and 5 speeds plus turbo, in time for Mother's Day, though no fixed date has been released. The product will also be supported by a four week TVC campaign commencing 10 April through until Mothers Day.

Speaking to, Filiz Bensan, category manager for food preparation at De’Longhi, said Kenwood had performed exceptionally well in the stick blender market since the release of the Triblade range.

“Since launching the product we have seen sales increase phenomenally not only here but in all our international market,” said Bensan.

“It has definitely exceeded our expectations.”

“The Triblade system is allied to a very unique foot design that disrupts the flow of ingredients and chops and blends very efficiently. Due to the design of the foot we were the first company to reduce the level of suctioning with the addition of six ribs to the inside of the foot to break up the vortex normally created and thereby maximizing the cutting action.” 

The kMix version of the Triblade is RRP $229.