Beyond innovative products, Jura is always thinking about different ways of innovating the way product benefits are presented and communicated to end users, according to Jura Australia managing director, George Liakatos.

“The online channel has experienced significant growth as the primary source of information for research. Bricks-and-mortar stores have become more about final validation and assurance,” Liakatos said at the company’s recent product conference.

“We asked ourselves how we could improve the user experience online. We can control the environment of our own assets and websites but the majority of research is done on the websites of our dealers and retail partners. Our solution is a new concept – the Premium POS Online.”

Presenting the Premium POS Online for the first time outside of Switzerland was Jura HQ area manager, Larissa Göde.

“The Jura Premium POS no longer remains in the physical world – we are taking it to the next level and integrating it into the online stores of our retail partners,” she said.

“We successfully redesigned the presentation of our coffee machines and introduced the Jura Premium POS about seven years ago complete with a full suite of coffee equipment and supporting information. With the Premium POS, we are already well-positioned in a physical distribution channel, but not for online channels.

“We are now introducing a Jura online shop-in-shop which can be easily integrated into existing websites and online stores. The design simulates a physical counter and lets customers browse through our product assortment. The content is managed centrally to ensure the information, videos and images are always up to date, allowing our retail partners to focus on their core competencies.

“The Jura Premium POS Online also offers two new services. The first is a cross-selling function which automatically recommends care products to customers such as the Cool Control, water filters and cleaning tablets. The second new service is called shopping note. This allows customers to generate a document of their product selection that they can take into the physical premium POS.

“With the Premium POS Online, Jura is responsible for the design, product information, images and video assets, and the reseller is responsible for pricing, availability, invoicing and delivery. We want to complement our successful Premium POS with an innovative product that enhances the customer experience while reducing administrative work at no cost.”

The Jura Premium POS Online solution will be available in Australia in Q4 2023.