At its annual conference in Melbourne this week, Jura showcased its three new fully automatic coffee machines expected to be available in Australia from March 2023.

“We are so excited to again be launching new products and innovations in time for Mother’s Day. The pace of innovation never slows at Jura and the products we are launching this year showcases this perfectly,” Jura Australia managing director, George Liakatos said.

“With the J8 we are introducing a completely new concept – the Sweet Foam function which flavours the milk foam with your favourite syrup, with your choice of flavour, sweetness and intensity. With the GIGA 10 we take the premium segment to a new level with a new user interface – the Panorama Coffee Panel. This will be another year of incredible new innovations which we can’t wait to bring to market.”

Jura GIGA 10

“It was over 10 years ago when we launched a product which redefined the premium segment for household coffee machines. It created a new super premium segment of luxury. It was the first machine with two grinders for household use,” Liakatos said.

Jura Australia retail sales manager, Sylvia Occhipinti and Jura area manager, Larissa Göde unveiled the new GIGA 10 fully automatic coffee machine (feature image).

“The GIGA 10 has two bean containers and two ceramic disc grinders to use different beans when making a hot or cold brew coffee. The world-first cold brew coffee lungo is made with cold bypass water for a refreshing and fruity beverage,” Occhipinti said.

“The new panorama coffee display makes for a more user friendly and intuitive experience. Users can adjust the amount of coffee, milk and milk foam,” Göde said.

The GIGA 10 will be available from April 2023 for RRP $5,490.

Jura J8

“The J line was always a pioneer, especially in design and aesthetic appeal. For years, it was one of our flagship premium models that delivered in looks and outstanding coffee quality and functionality. Active Bean Monitoring, sound design and integrated storage solutions were just some of the hallmarks of this product. Jura not only launches new machines but also coffee specialties never seen before on our products like the café barista, flat white and most recently, cold brew,” Liakatos said.

Jura Australia NSW account manager, John Herrera presented the new Jura J8 fully automatic coffee machine with a world-first sweet foam function for vanilla lattes and caramel cappuccinos.

“The international award-winning J design is back better than ever. In a new midnight silver colour, it makes a statement with a glossy and modern design,” he said.

“The sweet syrup attachment attaches to the frother so as the milk is passing through, the syrup is fused together with the milk foam for an even blend start to finish. The syrup is only infused into the milk foam, not the shot of espresso, to deliver a subtle sweetness.”

The J8 also features the Coffee Eye that detects the position of the cup and automatically adapts the selection of beverages on the display. For example, the right spout is for milk-based coffees. There is also a new and more durable Professional Aroma Grinder 2+ with active grind monitoring which achieves optimum results and maximum flavour.

The J8 will be available from April 2023 for RRP $3,790.

Jura ENA 4

“With demand for coffee-only specialties increasing, we now have a solution for this discerning segment of the market. Launched in 2019, the new ENA line revolutionised the compact class with its stunning design,” Liakatos said.

Jura Australia key account manager, Ann-Maree Macauley introduced the new ENA 4 fully automatic coffee machine.

“The new compact one-cup machine is the perfect solution for espresso lovers and those who like to enjoy strong coffee. The Intelligent Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) optimises extraction time for short specialties and allows maximum flexibility when programming cup volumes,” she said.

“The new ENA 4 also comes with the new Professional Aroma Grinder now twice as fast and the ability to choose from three different aroma levels and specify the use of ground coffee. The signature cylindrical diamond water tank adds a stylish accent to the modern and compact design.”

The ENA 4 will be available from March 2023 for RRP $1,599.