UnderCurrent is always a fan of cross-media marketing platforms, integrated promotional drives and the other delightful names that PR types have created for pushing their immersive branded content.

But UnderCurrent can’t remember the last time a relentlessly forward-thinking marketing team came up with the idea to promote its brand through the medium of knitting.

Off the back of its successful “Bunny” television commercial in 2012 and “after much demand”, Fisher & Paykel has released a knitting pattern for the hero of its last advertising campaign.

We’d love to share a summary with you, but UnderCurrent failed to even pass Nan’s crochet lessons back in the day, so the instructions are all just a confusion of “increasing into the beg” and casting on. But, the last instruction is very easy to understand: “Love your new bunny”.

If the original ad is anything to go by, getting emotional about this little fella is to be expected.

The F&P Bunny featured in print advertising…

…As well as a dedicated TVC.

You can find the full pattern on Fisher & Paykel's website.