By Matthew Henry

SYDNEY: Acer has launched its third generation LCD TV range comprised of four large-screen models including a flagship 42-inch panel for RRP $2,799.

All models in the new range offer HDMI connectivity and feature bottom-mounted speakers in keeping with the category-wide trend away from side-mounted speaker cabinets.

“What’s amazing about our new LCD TV range is Acer’s ability to continue to offer upgraded technology at lower price points,” said Acer Digital Displays business manager, Caroline Villien.

“Among this new range, we are offering 6.5ms rapid response time, analogue tuner, 1200:1 contrast ratio, HDMI connectivity and 1366 x 768 resolution and yet we are still able to offer a 42-inch LCD TV at less than $3,000.

“How can we offer this great technology at amazing price points? It comes back to Acer’s experience in combining stylish design and best of breed technology to deliver an amazing product, in this case LCD TVs.”

Acer has continued with its unique Empowering Key remote control feature with the new range, which gives users the option to setup and control the TV.

The range includes the 27-inch AT2720B (RRP $1,299), the 32-inch AT3220B (RRP $1,579), the 37-inch AT3720B (RRP $2,299) and the flagship 42-inch AT4220B (RRP $2,799).