By Claire Reilly

SYDNEY, NSW: HTC has covered almost every possible angle in smartphones this year, with the launch of a range of devices targeted at different consumers. The Cha Cha and Salsa were designed for Facebook addicts, the Evo 3D offered consumers 3D media viewing and now the manufacturer is appealing to style-conscious consumers with its latest device – the HTC Rhyme.

Set to be launched at a high-end day spa in Sydney next week, the Rhyme has already been released to the US market. “HTC Rhyme offers an elegant design that fits your lifestyle perfectly,” according to the company. “You’ll find HTC Rhyme a breeze to use – after all, it is thoughtfully designed to think the way you do.”

The US model is available on three colours “inspired by nature”, including plum, teal and grey. It also includes an attachable charm that plugs into the handset and lights up when the phone receives a text message or incoming call.

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In other smartphone news, Motorola will be launching its latest product offering at the end of October. Cryptically promoted with the tagline “Faster, Thinner, Smarter, Stronger,” details and further tech specs are yet to be announced.

What exactly Motorola is launching is still unconfirmed, though we do know Optus is co-hosting the event, which normally means it will have exclusivity at launch. The presence of a razor in a Motorola teaser video posted to YouTube suggests a new Razr model might be coming.

UPDATE: has learnt that Motorola will be revealing what's coming on 19 October 2011. Stay tuned to this website for all the details.

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The HTC Rhyme is already available on the US market.