Following the announcement by Narta that Winning Group has resigned its membership, Winning Group CEO, John Winning has provided a statement explaining the decision.

“As the Winning Group continues to grow into new markets, such as New Zealand, and we expand our offering beyond electronic categories with the launch of Andoo and Rogerseller and Spence & Lyda joining our business, our strategic direction and our mission to create the best experiences in the world, for the world, is outside of Narta’s core business,” he told Appliance Retailer.

“Therefore, we will be ceasing our membership with Narta, effective 31 August. We look forward to remaining friends with the amazing people we’ve connected with over the last 20 plus years thanks to Narta. We have been proud members and I wish them the best for the future.”

Narta CEO, Michael Jackson acknowledged the strategic direction of Winning Group, including new businesses and ventures, as a focus for them moving forward.

“Several of these strategies are outside the Narta business model, creating a feeling for Winnings that they are a round peg in a square hole. Narta recognises this and the challenges for Winnings to comply and meet the requirements of their Narta membership,” he told Appliance Retailer.

“In my 25 years working with Winning Appliances including 20 years at Narta, I have always regarded Winning Appliances as a valued member. The challenges for both of us is not a surprise, however their decision to resign did come as a surprise, and we only became aware of this a few days ago.

“We accept their resignation and have since advised the market accordingly. As the CEO, we support their decision and we hope it is the right one for their business.”