By Claire Reilly

SYDNEY, NSW: Sunbeam is riding the wave of MasterChef’s success all around the world, with the brand gaining increased exposure in the program’s New York episodes which aired last week.

Throughout the course of the week, MasterChef Australia contestants were required to create New York-inspired dishes and cook at locations including the United Nations, Times Square and Central Park.

Sunbeam’s marketing manager Nicole Cowley said the big-city exposure was positive for Sunbeam.

“This once in a lifetime trip to New York demonstrated the integral role that Sunbeam plays in MasterChef,” said Cowley. “The need for our products to join the cast on an international scale cements the role Sunbeam is playing in the show.

“MasterChef continues to engage with a highly captive audience and the diversity of the show's content allows Sunbeam to demonstrate the ease of use, diversity and quality of our products on small and large scales.”

That highly captive audience is also incredibly large, with over 1.6 million viewers tuning in for each episode, from Sunday’s street food challenge through to Thursday’s elimination at Sylvia’s Restaurant of Harlem.

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Sunbeam’s global exposure also called for a global effort from the appliance company.

“To ensure the contestants were able to work with the same quality products available in the MasterChef kitchen, Sunbeam aligned with its sister company in the USA to organise product for the various challenges.

“The two companies, which operate as separate entities, were brought together by the high ratings show that aligns with global brands with international capabilities.”

Looking forward, Sunbeam offered a spoiler alert of sorts.

“In a sneak peak look at tomorrow night’s immunity challenge, Sunbeam’s Food Processor, StickMaster, Scales, Kettle and Mixmaster will be used to create a Chocolate Delice and the Sunbeam Mixmaster will be front and centre again during Gary’s cheese cake MasterClass airing on Friday night.”

This on-show product placement will continue to be supported by television commercials and sponsorship of the MasterClass section of the show’s website.