The new Philips 7 in 1 Grooming Kit features a diverse arsenal of precision cutting attachments, enabling facial hair groomers to achieve an unlimited combination of looks.

Philips Shaving

Superior visibility, maximum precision
The revolutionary MicroBlade Technology is designed to give you unpresedented precision to create the exact look you had in mind.

Research shows that 48% of all men wear facial hair, many of whom display creative grooming behavior.  Philips has created a solution which offers a multitude of trimming options for stylishly managing facial hair as part of today’s image-conscious male generation including;
– full size trimmer blade
– mini shaver
– nose ear & eyebrow trimmer
– 9 position beard & moustache comb
– 9 positions hair clipper comb
– precision trimmer

Philips 7 in 1 Grooming Kit QG3150

– Hardened Inox Steel blades for long life, sharper than Titanium
– 9 Lock-in Length settings
– Maintenance free, no oil needed
– Easy cleaining, under the tap
– 10-hour charge for up to 35 minutes of cordless operation
– 2-year world wide guarantee

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