By Claire Reilly

SYDNEY, NSW: Fujitsu PC has today announced the launch of its new enterprise tablet, the Stylistic Q550.

According to Bert Noah, country manager for Fujitsu PC Australia, the device is “the world’s first executive class slate PC”.

“The Q550 underlines that we understand that enterprises need secure mobile devices that provide advanced integration into existing IT infrastructures,” said Noah.

Designed to “meet the high-security requirements of mobile enterprise computing, starting July 2011,” the Q550 features an Intel Atom CPU and Microsoft Windows 7 OS, as well as WLAN, Bluetooth and optional 3G/UMTS mobile broadband.

This connectivity “makes data communications in a cloud computing environment effortless and helps to facilitate smooth business operations”.

It also features a “full work day battery runtime” and an anti-glare 10.1-inch screen that Fujitsu claims can be used both indoors and outdoors. The device weighs 680 grams when used with the standard battery, which can also be removed.

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The tablet allows for input from a stylus, automatically adjusting pressure sensitivity so users can rest their hand on the screen while writing, whilst also taking advantage of the multiple-touch interface when the pen is not in use. The Q550 also features software that converts handwriting input to text.

In terms of security, the Windows OS on the Stylistic tablet allows the device to be integrated with existing ICT and security systems in a Windows environment.

The Q550 also incorporates advanced security features such as fingerprint authentication, an embedded security chip and smart card reader, and an encrypted solid state drive. These features “enable the development of even more robust security systems, an important feature for enterprise customers”.

“Many slate PCs on the market today are fun toys, but they don’t come anywhere close to addressing the business and security needs that are holding enterprises back from embracing the latest mobile computing technology,” concluded Noah.

“We are targeting the professional and government computing markets with a new slate PC that draws on more than twenty years experience in building mobile computers for enterprise use.”

The Stylistic Q550 is available from RRP $1,688.


The Q550 features biometric fingerprint recognition.


How very smart: a built-in smart card reader for added security.