By Claire Reilly

SYDNEY, NSW: Handheld video camera manufacturer Contour has announced the release of its newest device, a compact waterproof camera targeted at explorers and adventure sports enthusiasts.

Unlike previous devices released by Contour that required the use of a plastic casing to protect against water, the ContourRoam is the first completely waterproof camera to be released by the company.

The camera is waterproof to one metre and features a wide-angle 170-degree rotating lens, which can be levelled using the built-in laser line. It shoots footage in Full HD 1080p, and has a built-in battery and a new Instant On-Record switch, which allows users to switch the camera on and begin recording by pushing the one switch.

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“We created this new hands-free video camera to take the guesswork out of whether the camera is recording or not and to capture and share video with the greatest of ease,” said Contour CEO Marc Barros.

“ContourRoam is so lightweight and compact that you don’t even notice it’s there. It goes wherever the action is, from action sports to team sports to weekend adventures and underwater. Just slide the record switch forward and go big.”

The ContourRoam joins an array of devices released by the action and adventure-focused company, including the Contour+ and the ContourGPS, which allows users to track their hiking, mountain biking or skiing route while recording footage. The camera brand also produces a range of accessories such as mounts for helmets, surfboards and handlebars.

The ContourRoam is available from WOW Sight & Sound, Ted’s Cameras and Adventure Cams, as well as a range of specialist and independent retailers, for RRP $299.

The ContourROAM.

The ContourROAM being worn by professional mountain biker, Gee Atherton.