By Staff Writer

BRISBANE: National appliance logistics specialist, QLS Group, has reported strong growth in the number of electrical brands transported, warehoused and delivered to store, but suggests the industry needs a complete rethink in some areas.

New part owner and director, Sandy McGregor asks why an industry that relies almost exclusively on imports moves most of its freight in the same direction.

“For example, too much freight in the industry is travelling north from Sydney and Melbourne when the most economical route is south from Brisbane. The current mix of freight on the eastern seaboard means freight utilisation is at capacity up the coast and nowhere near capacity down the coast.

“The smart move is to do the opposite to everyone else, which makes our warehouse based in Brisbane 10 minutes from the wharf an extremely strategic location,” McGregor said.

McGregor also suggests this may reduce the number of warehouses required which in itself is a big management issue. 

“If you can economically deliver freight from Brisbane into Sydney for next day delivery, why tie up management resources with the extra warehouse?  This reduces costs of processing, management of stock takes and allocation of stocks. It all adds up to reduced costs of administration.”

QLS operates 35 trucks nationally from 34,000 metres of secure storage and warehousing space.
Founded in Queensland in 2001, QLS Group specialises in warehousing and freight for the white and brown goods industries.