By Patrick Avenell (Follow me on Twitter)

SYDNEY, NSW: Samsung is predicting warp speeds for internet access on the Galaxy S II when the handset debuts with Telstra on 26 July 2011.

In a release announcing this news, Samsung was unable to resist describing Telstra’s Next G network speed as ‘galactic’, though that is more referring to the name of the phone than the true speeds achievable. That is, it won’t really be as fast as space travel.

The Galaxy S II will be available on Telstra’s Freedom Connect plans, with Telstra suggesting the $59 plan with a $20 monthly payment over 24 months (minimum cost is $1,896). For business customers, the Galaxy S II is available on the $79 Mobile Maximiser plan with a $15 monthly payment over 24 months (minimum cost is $2,256).

One may also venture deep in galactic high speeds outright, for RRP $840.

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Here’s a very satisfied Telstra mobile product director Andrew Volard.

“The Telstra Next G network allows Samsung Galaxy S II customers to enjoy the mobile internet at its best. Customers can access faster download speeds, enjoy video with less buffering and connect through social networks with ease,” he said. has previously published stories on the launch of the Galaxy S II, a pre-release review of the handset and the original exclusive news that all telcos would be carrying the phone.

Meanwhile, HTC has hired the Vines to play the launch of its new Sensation device. The Oxford Art Factory will be crawling with competition winners on Monday 12 July 2011 for the launch, with is being co-hosted by Telstra. So far this year, HTC has hosted high concept launches for its Incredible S, Wildfire S, Desire S, ChaCha and Salsa devices, plus a ho-hum (in comparison) launch for the HD7.