Australian-owned brand, Jason has topped Canstar Blue’s 2022 customer satisfaction ratings for electric blankets, with five stars for overall satisfaction as well as value for money and design.

Breville and Sunbeam tail Jason in the ratings for second and third place respectively, while Kmart and Target stack fourth and fifth on the list.

Canstar Blue surveyed over 400 Australians who purchased an electric blanket in the last two years and asked them to rate the product on overall satisfaction, performance, value for money, design, ease of use, ease of care and additional features.

The research found that 51% of those who own an electric blanket use it regularly during winter and 29% sleep with one on even though they are not recommended for overnight usage. One in four consumers use them to soothe other problems such as anxiety and body pain.

Australians spend an average of $81 for a new electric blanket.