Jabra is launching the Jabra Perform 45, the first in the new Jabra Perform product series set to help digitally transform frontline workers.

The discreet Bluetooth mono headset offers a compact design and Push-to-Talk (PTT) button directly on the headset, which is unique in a headset form factor.

The PTT button works with leading platforms like Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie and Zebra Workforce Connect straight out of the box and can be integrated with the business’ preferred platform using the Jabra SDK. Employers can use the Jabra Xpress management software to keep track, update, and customise all devices across the whole organisation.

The Jabra Perform 45 is equipped with an advanced ultra-noise-cancelling microphone that removes up to 80% of background noise and a speaker has been optimised for speech clarity for smooth and uninterrupted communication.

In addition, the Face2Face feature in the headset is activated by lifting the microphone boom arm to a vertical position, which mutes all incoming audio. When the employee is ready to re-engage with colleagues on the PTT channel, they pull the boom arm back down to receive PTT messages again.

The Jabra Perform 45 weighs just 18 grams, fits comfortably and discreetly around whichever ear the workers prefer to wear it on and comes with three sizes of EarGel. It’s IP54-rated for protection from dust and water.

The headset also boasts up to 20 hours of Push-to-Talk usage, or up to eight hours if it is just being used for calls, and up to 100 metres wireless range, in addition to universal USB-C charging and compatibility with 5-Bay Charging Stand.

“We are reminded more than ever of the essential role of frontline workers across industries like healthcare, hospitality, warehouse and retail,” Jabra senior vice president, Yves Dupuis said.

“They are the glue which binds the entire operation together, so we knew that our new line, Jabra Perform, needed products that can help frontline workers do their job better. Our hope is for frontline workers to have everything they need within finger’s reach with the Jabra Perform 45 headset so they can assist their colleagues and customers and can remain in the zone no matter where they are.”

Jabra Perform 45 is available now for distribution and via Amazon and Jabra.com with an MSRP of $149.