By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Having announced on 1 March 2011 its partnership with the National Associated Retail Traders of Australia (NARTA) – Australia’s largest independent electrical buying group – the BSR Group has been developing a national and local area marketing strategy to best position itself during tough trading times.

Julieanne Worchurst has been recently appointed as the Groups national marketing manager. Overseeing a group comprising of three Brisbane-based marketers and reporting to CEO Graeme Cunningham, Worchurst said her seven year tenure with Betta Electrical facilitated the promotion.

“It’s an exciting time for BSR Group retailers and obviously the NARTA membership is going to be part of that,” Worchurst told

“It’s very exciting and a very challenging industry at the moment so the whole team is very focussed on producing bang for buck in our budget and we’re excited also to be overlaying our national marketing programme with a supplementary local area marketing programme for all of our retailers.

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“Local area marketing is a programme that we’re running for stores and for the individual zone areas: it is very store and regional specific. Obviously, any extra marketing for our stores is welcome.

“I’ve actually been with the brand for 7.5 years as a marketing manager for Betta Electrical, now I’m the group marketing manager for all brands in the BSR Group. We have Betta Electrical and Betta Electrical Home Living as our two major brands. We have separate marketing programmes for both.”