BSH Australia launched the Bosch Series 8 and Siemens iQ700 ranges in Sydney this week, showing off its newest ovens, cooktops, dishwashers, refrigerators and a built-in coffee machine.

The ranges mark a new generation of products which are ready for the market after being developed by designers, tested by consumers and built by “130 engineers, locked away in the Bavarian Forest.”

BSH  general manager of sales Chris Kotis said that BSH Australia has enjoyed tremendous success and growth over recent years, without any major changes to one of its most important categories — cooking. “Our growth and our success really has been based on the performance of the team, the support from all of you and it’s a great result,” he told the crowd gathered at Carriageworks in Sydney’s inner west.

“Tonight marks a big new change and tonight really is about embarking on something very special — a new generation of stylish, innovative and simply intuitive cooking appliances for both Bosch and Siemens brands,” he said.

Firstly to Bosch, and the Series 8 ovens will be available in July 2015 and includes a Multifunction oven ($3,299) and a Combination Steam Oven (RRP $3,899). A key design feature is a circular dial used to navigate through menus. Intuitive features include Bosch Assist which adjusts the heat mode and cooking time for the selected dish, PerfectBake baking sensors measure the level of moisture of baked goods and the PerfectRoast feature monitors the core temperature of the meat, poultry or fish at three different points.

Siemens iQ700 Oven range will also be available July 2015. It includes Built-in Oven with Integrated Microwave and pulseSteam (RRP $5,499) and the Siemens iQ700 Compact Oven with Full & Pulse steam (RRP $4,499). Intuitive features include roastingSensor and bakingSensor which monitors the level of moisture in the oven cavity and adjust settings accordingly. The ranges also features a FTF Touch Display, pre-programmed cooking options and varioSpeed, an integrated microwave function for faster cooking results.

There is a new Siemens iQ700 90cmTriple FlexInduction Cooktop (RRP $4,499) that allows cooking zones to be merged to extend cooking surfaces, giving consumers more flexibility to accommodate pots and pans of any size.

In dishwashing, the new Bosch Series 8 ActiveWater Dishwasher range features Zeolite drying technology and VarioDarwerPlus, a third level for cutler and utensils. The Bosch Built-under Stainless Steel Dishwasher (RRP $2,299) and Bosch Fully-Integrated Dishwasher (RRP $2,249) have a 5 star WELs rating and a 4 star Energy rating. Also featuring Zeolith drying technology are the iQ700 Dishwasher range by Siemens, available July 2015.

In refrigeration the Bosch Series 8 Fully Integrated Bottom Mount Fridge Freezer (RRP $3,299) features a soft door close, EasyLift shelves and FrostFree MultiAirflow cooling to eliminate ice forming on the food and the freezer exterior.

Left to Right   Philipp Walter – Managing Director BSH Home Appliances (Australia) George Calombaris Marc Hantscher – CEO BSH Home Appliances Region Asia Pacific
From left, Philipp Walter managing director BSH Home Appliances (Australia), chef George Calombaris and  Marc Hantscher CEO BSH Home Appliances Region Asia Pacific 
Guests await the big reveal of the new ranges at Carraigeworks, Sydney.
Guests await the big reveal of the new ranges at Carriageworks, Sydney.
Guests test out Bosch's new circular dial to navigate through the ovens' menus.
Guests test out Bosch’s new circular dial to navigate through the ovens’ menus.
Celebrity chef George
Celebrity chef  George Calombaris leads a cooking demonstration using the new appliances.