While IFA was capturing attention from Berlin, Integrate in Sydney was also pulling in the crowds. For the second year running Security and Integrate were run together and the combined events for IT and AV solutions attracted almost 11,000 attendees over three days, with more than 220 exhibiting companies and 1,200 brands represented.

The star of the show for Epson was its immersive space created in partnership with igloo software and Epson’s latest laser projection technology to create what marketing and communications manager, Nathan Fulcher described to Appliance Retailer as an “experience of being in a place you are not actually in, based on a virtual reality (VR) experience which you can share with other people in the space”.

The space can also be used for training purposes. Another application is in a retail store where a customer can walk through an apartment before it is built to see what the kitchen is going to look like for placement of appliances. The throw of the projector allows it to fit into any store space, using the latest Epson PU Series supporting 4K resolution with up to 20,000 lumens of laser light.

Epson physical signage solutions with the EB805F also can be integrated into retail environments with an easy installation set-up delivering a visual experience in Full HD resolution. “It shows footage of where a product can be used, with a sequence of different visual elements, such as snow on the windows with heating products displayed inside,” Fulcher said.

Just landing on the Sony stand were the 98-inch Bravia BZ5OL Series with 32GB of onboard storage that process content fast and well, according to group manager, Daniel Hancox. “These have an open platform with Google, Apple AirPlay and Android operating systems, XR 4K upscaling and portrait and landscape tilt orientation, built-in media player and a three-year commercial on-site warranty,” he said. The new panels can be used for digital signage, video conferencing, home entertainment and gaming, and will be in-store mid-September.

Also making their debut at Integrate on the Canohm stand were two motorised TV wall mounts that can easily change the angle of the screen for convenient viewing options and hold up to a 77-inch screen and 45 kg. These new entities from Vogels are said to be a DIY option for the competent handy man and arrive at an affordable price of $2,800 and $3,600 RRP for the two models, TVN7675 and TVN7675 Pro.

Catering to the diverse needs of Australian businesses at the event was LG with a collection of displays for integration into retail environments, public spaces, corporate and conference room settings and hospitality. This included the 4K UHD UR765H series that provides an array of high-end solutions for retail spaces and more.

LG marketing manager for business solutions, Brad Reed (in feature image) told Appliance Retailer: “We are seeing a lot of retail outlets incorporating a range of different screens into their retail formats. Retailers are also looking at how they can better sell without being totally reliant on store staff, using applications where they place content onto screens, such as promotions and offers to make the in-store experience more engaging. The ability to have the advertising space in-store to deliver product information is becoming increasingly important.”