By James Wells

SYDNEY: US-based projector manufacturer, Infocus, has announced a voluntary recall of 1,800 Chinese-made projectors and about 700 replacement lamp modules including the LP120 and the ASK Proxima M1 projectors which may have been released in Australia.

According to a spokesperson from Infocus Australia, there would only be 25 models of the LP120 and the M1 in the Asia Pacific market that may be affected by the recall.

“InFocus is currently researching the geographical breakdown of affected products worldwide. The majority of affected products were sold in the US and once InFocus finalises assessment of global exposure, we will work with the appropriate local agencies on a remedy action for affected products,” the company said in a statement this afternoon.

“The worst case scenario would be that 25 products are at risk of being faulty in the Asia Pacific region.”

The affected units are the Model LP120 with serial numbers AJNV541A0001 through AJNV551A0301 and the Model M1 with serial numbers AKUV546A0001 through AKUV547A0268.

According to the recall issued through the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, consumers should stop using the recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed.

The affected units feature improper wiring with inadequate insulation which could degrade over time posing a shock and fire hazard.

No incidents or injuries have been reported at this stage.