By Claire Reilly

Uniden has come out on top in a recent Canstar Blue consumer survey, with the independent agency reporting that the brand was voted number one in terms of ease of use, phone features and customer satisfaction.

Of the four brands surveyed, Uniden, Panasonic and Oricom tied for first place when it came to the best range of a cordless phone, with Telstra following behind.

Speaking about the results, was Uniden Australia’s national marketing manager Mark Willis.

“These survey results reconfirm Uniden’s position as the leading cordless phone supplier,” Willis said. “We are very proud to have been voted number one by Australian consumers. Uniden ticks all the boxes with our commitment to providing quality, affordable and easy to use cordless phones.

“Uniden continues to lead innovation in the cordless phone category, with the recent release of the XDECT 80xx series – the only genuine extended long range cordless phone on the market.”

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The Canstar Blue survey also tracked the ways Australians use their cordless phones, noting the continuing strength of the cordless phone category.

“Interestingly, despite the smart phone boom our survey showed home phone usage is alive and well, with 55 per cent of respondents preferring the peace of mind of using a landline over the convenience of their mobile phone for making calls,” said Canstar Blue manager Rebecca Logan.

“Our results showed Baby Boomers lived up to their cautious reputation by being the most likely to choose a landline over their mobile phone, compared with 46% of Generation Y respondents.

“It is clear public perception of mobile phone health has heightened in Australia since the WHO placed mobile phones in the same category as insecticide DDT and petrol engine exhaust when it came to a possible link to cancer on May 31, 2011.

“Interestingly, the results showed cordless phone customers are happy to pay extra for the best product and are aren’t as concerned with battery life as they are with other phone features,” Logan added.

The survey also found that 82 per cent of respondents used their home phone rather than Skype to make phone calls, with Baby Boomers the least likely to prefer Skype out of all the generations surveyed.

The survey was conducted by Canstar Blue, in association with market researchers Colmar Brunton, and gathered responses from 2,500 Australians who had bought a cordless phone in the past 4 years.

The Uniden XDECT 80xx series cordless phone.