Miele’s Generation 7000 dishwashers have been updated to include new wash programs and a new basket design that allows reusable drinking straws and bottles to be washed. 

The Eco program is designed to wash dishes with minimal energy consumption but Miele has developed new programs that offer a more resource-efficient alternative for specific requirements.

For example, ComfortWash is suitable for slightly soiled cutlery and crockery, while being gentle on delicate glassware, with a temperature of 45°C. A stronger alternative is the new 55°C ComfortWash+ program for soiling that is more difficult to clean – a more sustainable option before the classic intensive programme (75°C).

Also new is the 60-degree PowerWash program with enhanced cleaning and drying performance, in a 1.5-hour cycle. This can be reduced to less than one hour with the Extra Quick option. In addition, there are other program adjustments including the BottleClean function under Extras to clean reusable bottles.

Miele recognises the trend towards more reusable solutions in everyday life such as drinking straws, bottles or snack tins.

Thanks to the new basket design with StrawClean, there’s an additional basket solution in the G7000 especially for drinking straws. Miele has also developed new holders for the lower basket for reusable bottles and bottle lids, as well as larger dishes such as pots and casserole dishes. This is part of the ExtraComfort or MaxiComfort dishwasher basket (StrawClean).

The EcoFeedback function displays the expected water and electricity consumption when the wash program is selected. The Consumption Dashboard in the Miele app provides full transparency by comparing the average values of the programs used, real consumption levels, and additional eco tips. 

Using the AutoStart function, the dishwasher can also be programmed to start regularly at the same time – for example at night or when the electricity price is at its lowest. Another standard feature of the G7000 dishwashers is a connection to hot water supply of up to 60°C, saving up to 35% energy on average compared to a cold water connection.