Siemens has unveiled its booth at IFA – under the name the Siemens Urban Life Park – taking inspiration from New York’s High Line Park with a theme of ‘Intelligent technology for the new way of living’.

Referring to a recent trend survey into ‘New Living’ published by the German Future Institute, in conjunction with its own consumer surveys, Siemens recognises that people appreciate their home more and are investing in high quality products as a direct result of Covid, and are seeking enhanced quality of life, control over their own time and a sense of purpose, releasing products that directly respond to these needs.

Siemens’ new generation of iQ700 ovens (feature image) mark the brand’s first use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the kitchen.

The new iQ700 oven uses a combination of intelligent algorithms and an integrated oven camera to produce exceptional baking and roasting results. The oven assistant can be told the name of the dish to be prepared and then suggest the program setting and pass this directly onto the appliance.

For dishes such as bread, pizzas or gratins, the individual browning function sensor adjusts the degree of browning using a scale of one to five. The oven simply needs to be told how light or dark the finished dish should be and switches itself off automatically once the preferred degree of browning has been reached.

In terms of design, a minimalist blackSteel line separates the oven door from the glass panel and the glass handle is barely visible against a background of the same colour, giving the illusion of a handle-free door. In addition, rotary knobs have been replaced with a large high-contrast full-touch TFT display.

In the laundry category, Siemens introduced the iQ700 washing machine with i-Dos automatic dosing system and new detergentScan feature that allows users to scan the barcode of the detergent packaging and let the appliance know what is being put into the detergent drawer.

Thanks to a Mini Load option, users can wash single garments or small amounts of clothing using less water and energy compared to other cycles. Developed originally for the dryer, the iQ700 washing machine is the first to offer the new smartFinish program that freshens up wrinkled clothing and reduces the number of creases by up to 50%.

Compatible with the Home Connect app, users can access tips and tricks relevant to their individual usage. The app will also remind users to clean the drum when necessary.

In refrigeration, Siemens debuted the iQ700 built-in refrigerator which opens without touching it. openAssist enables users to open the fridge door with a voice command such as ‘Alexa, open the fridge’. It also comes with hyperFresh premium, an advanced cooling technology that helps food stay fresher for up to three times longer. Three transparent drawers are kept at a temperature of around zero degrees Celsius with a high level of humidity for fruit and vegetables.