Panasonic has presented not only its latest products at IFA 2022 in Berlin, but also the company’s latest sustainability solutions.

Panasonic’s commitment to sustainability has been demonstrated on a 5,000 square metre stand located away from the main IFA exhibition area with new products launched alongside two key environmental themes of carbon neutrality and participating in the circular economy.

“Europe is one of the biggest and most strategically important global market for several reasons,” Panasonic Corporation president and CEO, Masahiro Shinada.

“Firstly, in Europe, we generate around a quarter of our global consumer business sales and profits outside of Japan. Secondly, Europe is a very developed and demanding market and using insights we are developing new and innovative products such as the Multishape Personal Grooming System.

“Thirdly, Europe is very advanced with acting on sustainability and therefore is a key region to spearhead our environmental agenda. To embed the sustainability mission into our business strategy, Panasonic has launched Green Impact a strategic vision which outlines our commitment and actions to ‘Net Zero’ by 2050.

“By 2050, we aim to create impact that reduces CO2 emissions by more than 300 million tons or about 1 per cent of the current total global emissions of 33 billion tons per year,” Shinada said.

Panasonic also unveiled its new motto to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability.

“I would like to unveil for the first time our new brand action slogan – ‘Create Today. Enrich Tomorrow’ – which represents our thinking as a company,” Shinada said.

“As a manufacturer we are creating useful products, which support our lives and wellbeing. At the same time, we are also working to enrich our lives tomorrow through taking care of the environment and developing innovative technology. We hope that our presence at IFA will help to explain the vision that will shape our contribution to society over the coming years.”

Panasonic says it has increased investment that will create a long-lasting impact to the sustainability in the planet and reported strong growth from its battery production for the electric vehicle market for companies such as Tesla and Toyota as well as its heating and cooling solutions to replace fossil fuels in domestic and commercial applications.

Following the “shock of the pandemic” and an increasing work from home culture, Panasonic has identified key trends such as online cooking communities generating ideas, healthier eating at home reflected in growth of breadmaker sales and standalone combination ovens with steam. Energy efficiency is also a key consideration for consumers with energy costs increasing.

Panasonic’s products on display at IFA revolve around the theme of ‘Holisitic Wellbeing’ with three key categories within this sector of Inner, Outer and Spatial Wellbeing.

Inner Wellbeing is represented by experiences that deliver simple healthy nutrition such as combination ovens, breadmakers and juicers. Outer Wellbeing delivers experiences to bring greater balance between mind and body such as hair care, men’s care, oral care and skin care. Spatial Wellbeing represents experiences that create hygienic and comfortable homes such as heating and cooling, air purification technology, imaging products and audio visual products.

One of the key products launched at the show is the Multishape modular personal groomer featuring a single handheld body with interchangeable heads creating five separate grooming products including a shaver, trimmer, toothbrush, and other attachments.

Panasonic also demonstrated new products featuring Nanoe and Nanoe X air technology, as well as new products in the television and gaming sector, and across the Lumix and Technics brands.