LG Electronics has confirmed the imminent launch of the WashTower Compact laundry solution at IFA in Berlin with a smaller width and depth compared to the original WashTower system launched in 2019.

The WashTower is an integrated two-in-one system that combines a separate washer and dryer, all-in-one control panel and built-in AI in a single unit.

Compared to the 2019 LG WashTower, the width and depth of the WashTower Compact has been reduced by 100mm and 170mm respectively, while the height has been reduced by 235mm.

Appliance Retailer was provided an update on the new WashTower Compact by LG general manager for home appliances, Frank Malcaus.

“We have had WashTower in the market for a year now and it has revolutionised our business. We haven’t been able to keep up with inventory,” he said.

“Consumers love the concept – they love the fact that they’re using one panel to control both units. It’s such a clean, beautiful, neat design and they communicate with each other. So whatever you’re doing to the bottom unit while you are washing, you are actually transferring that information to the dryer at the top that will know what you have washed. 

“The WashTower products currently in market feature Australia’s largest front loader – 17kg – with an accompanying 10kg dryer – and this represents our 27-inch footprint. What we found is that while consumers love the concept – in some instances they cannot physically fit it into their laundry – so we have launched a new solution here at IFA 2022 in Berlin called the WashTower Compact.

LG WashTower Compact next to the WashTower.

“WashTower Compact features our 24-inch footprint, which is the standard footprint to any other machine we have in the market. So what we have done is bring the same WashTower design and the same WashTower concept, but in a capacity that more consumers will be able to place into their laundry. WashTower Compact will feature a 12kg front loader and a 10kg 10-Star heat pump dryer,” Malcaus explained.

LG showcased a number of colour concepts in the laundry category at IFA 2022, including a matt beige and forest green colour following on from the recent trend of black steel as well as traditional white gloss. While it is not confirmed whether these colours will come to the Australian market, Malcaus said that colour continues to represent an important differentiator in the laundry and is an important part of the company’s strategy in building a portfolio of premium products in this category.

“LG is looking at introducing more colours to laundry – building on the momentum from when we introduced the black steel colour to the category. Black steel totally transformed how people perceive the laundry and it is no longer just a room that gets hidden away with dirty clothes – it becomes a fashion piece and a focal point and like kitchens, laundries are now representing another place of pride in the home with the use of premium appliances,” Malcaus said.

In terms of design, LG showcased an updated user interface that will be introduced into the Australian market in 2023.

“This new design provides the user with a much simpler way of using their laundry products. The beautiful LCD display clearly shows the wash cycles accompanied by simple temperature and spin speed settings. Consumers ultimately want simplicity in the laundry – they want to be able to hit a couple of buttons and move on.

“All of our laundry products will have AI direct drive, Turbo Clean 360 rapid wash cycle so they can wash clothes in record time, smart ThinQ technology, scratch-proof tempered glass as well as our flat iconic design too. Our heat pump dryers also feature an auto cleaning condenser.”