At IFA in Berlin, Miele executive director and co-proprietor, Dr Reinhard Zinkann presented the company’s latest innovations across laundry, dishwashers and coffee. His presentation was followed by Miele executive director – marketing and sales, Dr Axel Kniehl who unveiled the latest induction hobs, ovens and refrigerators.


Miele has further enhanced its WT1 washer-dryer series by adding practical features including a new Single Wash&Dry function that lets users wash and dry an item of clothing, depending on the program, in less than one hour in an environmentally friendly manner.

“As we know, fans of washer/dryers don’t just value this type of appliance because of the space it saves, they also appreciate the convenience, the time that is saved with all-in-one washing and drying,” Dr Zinkann said.

“The only drawback of these appliances has been the smaller load capacity. Miele has raised the bar and added a kilogram to each load capacity, so it is now possible to wash up to 9kg and dry up to 6kg of laundry, depending on the model.

“All of our new washer/dryers are also network enabled – an extremely practical feature that reflects our efforts to make washer/dryers smarter than ever before. They work in conjunction with the Miele app and Amazon Alexa.”

Other key features include AddLoad which lets users add forgotten items of laundry right up to the end of the wash process using the regular machine door, CareAssistant enables the regular anti-crease feature to be extended in 30 minute intervals for a maximum of 240 minutes – a useful feature if the user is delayed getting home and cannot empty the machine straight away, TimeAssistant alerts the user if the program is going to take longer than announced, particularly for the drying process, and the HygieneAssistant notifies the user when the machine should be cleaned.

The new washer/dryers also come equipped with PowerWash technology along with the QuickPower Wash&Dry program that enables 4kg of laundry to be washed and dried in under three hours. There is also the Miele TwinDos detergent dispensing system.


In response to smaller living spaces, Miele is releasing new slimline dishwashers that measure just 45cm in width. They are network enabled with WiFiConn@ct for users to monitor the appliance status on their smartphone or tablet and order more detergent, as well as compatible with Amazon Alexa.

“The G5000 SL dishwashers might be smaller than other models, but they are in no way inferior. Our exclusive QuickPowerWash program, used in combination with Miele Ultra Tabs, achieves superior results in less than one hour,” Dr Zinkann said.

At the heart of the range is EcoPower technology which makes use of an improved circulation pump, new spray arms and a highly effective filter system. This means water consumption is reduced to six litres in the automatic program and energy efficiency is able to achieve standards of A+++.

The FlexLine baskets make the G5000 even more flexible and convenient with wide handles to ensure the baskets are easy to pull out and easily adjustable. The patented AutoOpen drying feature opens the door slightly at the end of the program to allow moist air to escape.

Coffee machines

Miele is catering to milk-based coffee beverages with the new CM6 MilkPerfection countertop coffee machine, which Dr Zinkann said “promises the ultimate in milk preparation thanks to two bursts of steam that not only increases the temperature of the milk forth but creates a lighter texture”.

The CM6 offers a total of 18 beverage choices now including espresso macchiato, flat white and numerous tea varieties. Users can amend water, milk and froth quantities at any point during preparation.

“There are four preparation modes: Eco Mode for energy efficient operation, Barista Mode for a professional touch that provides convenience and indulgence, Latte Mode designed for coffee specialties with milk and Party Mode for preparing a range of different beverages as quickly as possible – a feature you will only find with Miele,” Dr Zinkann said.

The CM6 is also network enabled with the Miele app which can display the current cleaning status, start preparing a beverage remotely with mobile control or control the machine via voice commands and Amazon Alexa. The app can also be used to order more Miele coffee.

Induction hobs

Miele executive director for marketing and sales, Dr Axel Kniehl then took to the stage to showcase new induction hobs, ovens and refrigerators.

“Cocooning has led to an acceleration of the excitement of cooking so more people are cooking at home and even more ambitiously,” he said.

“They are willing to try new recipes. but we must recognise that not everybody has the same level of cooking skill, so it is important to have intuitive tools that guide them through the cooking process and ensure success. Our new induction hobs feature TempControl and CookAssist for unparalleled simplicity and safety.”

CookAssist is a new function in the Miele@mobile app that guides the user step by step through the entire frying process for dishes such as steak, salmon, and pancakes to be cooked perfectly.

“The app tells you when the right searing temperature has been reached in the pan, tells you when the steak should be turned and when the steak has finished cooking to the way you like it – rare, medium or well done, all based on artificial intelligence,” Dr Kniehl said.

The TempControl sensor in the hob detects the temperature of the cookware and automatically keeps the pan at the right temperature.


Miele has developed two new and exclusive innovations to its latest ovens. Building on the introduction of a camera inside the oven to share images of the cooking process to allow users to monitor and adjust settings on the go, is the introduction of Smart Food ID.

“With Smart Food ID the oven camera identifies which dish has been placed in the oven – whether it’s potato wedges, roasted vegetables or a cake – then the dish is indicated on the oven display for the user to confirm that it is correct and then the automatic program will start,” Dr Kniehl said.  

At launch the camera will be able to identify over 20 dishes with more to be added via the Miele remote update function.

Smart Browning Control is an intelligent program dedicated to the perfect pizza. “Users just need to select whether it’s a frozen pizza or fresh pizza and the cooking program starts. The oven camera monitors how the pizza browns to identify when it is done. It can also be combined with TasteControl to prevent the dish from drying out.”


With PerfectFresh Active technology, Miele’s new Generation K 7000 refrigerators are heralding the future of superior food storage conditions.

At temperatures between 0 and 3 °C, Miele’s proven PerfectFresh Pro system ensures food stays fresh for up to five times longer than it would in a conventional vegetable compartment. This is supported by PerfectFresh Active which provides long-lasting freshness in a visible way by spraying a fine mist onto the contents of the crisper drawer, preserving the quality of the food and its vitamins, by adding moisture for even more freshness.

The mist is sprayed from the water container above directly into the drawer every 90 minutes and every time the door is opened. Compact and easy to clean, the water container has a capacity of just 120 ml to hold the small amount of water required for this. The low temperatures keep any nasty contamination at bay, meaning that the container only has to be refilled every two to three months.