Last week – approximately 100 days before the start of IFA Berlin – the 100Moments campaign was launched designed to create excitement across the city. 

To celebrate 100 years of IFA, fair organisers presented 100 ‘must-see’ highlights for trade, consumers, media and press, from exclusive product launches and impactful keynotes to technical masterclasses, interactive experiences, networking events, Sommergarten performances, and celebrity appearances.

“We are thrilled to bring IFA back into the hearts of Berliners and the heart of the city with this vibrant campaign,” IFA management GmbH managing director, Leif Lindner said.

“100Moments highlights the capital’s long history and vibrant culture. IFA is an inseparable part of it, and not just for me as a Berliner. We are confident that this initiative, with its ‘wow factor’, will fascinate both Berliners and international guests.” 

A curated drop of the first 20 events builds anticipation for more to come: 

  • IFA Kick-Off (June 27, 2024): Keynotes from leading brands such as Samsung and Miele at Bikini Berlin. 
  • Merch Launch Party at SEEK (July 2, 2024): Exclusive party to launch merchandise.  
  • 6PM Festival (September 6, 2024): Music festival at IFA Sommergarten. 
  • Content Creator Hub (September 6, 2024): Workshops and masterclasses with celebritity meet and greet.
  • Einstein returns to IFA (September 6-10, 2024): AR experience bringing Albert Einstein back to IFA. 
  • Handelsblatt AI Summit (September 9, 2024): Panel discussions on artificial intelligence. 
  • The 13: Audio Feature at IFA (September 6-10, 2024): Showcase how the best talent is using the latest audio technology through workshops, performances and networking opportunities. 
  • Keynote with SharkNinja CEO (September 6, 2024): A keynote speech by Mark Barrocas, focusing on product innovation and international expansion. 
  • Start-up Pitch Battles with Factory Berlin (September 7-10, 2024): Competitions highlighting the most promising startups, fostering innovation and investment opportunities. 
  • IFA <3 Retail: Special events tailored for the retail industry, showcasing the latest trends and technologies.