By Patrick Avenell

With the new Ultrabook phase of notebook computers comes a new problem: storage. Although the Ultrabooks released thus far from Acer, Toshiba and Asus all have impressive performance specifications, the one feature that has diminished is the size of storage memory.

The same is true of Apple’s MacBook Airs, which use solid state drives instead of hard disks in order to fit a smaller form factor and improve battery life.

Taking advantage of this is Western Digital, which has today released two new portable hard drive products specifically targeting this market.

The new My Passport Studio and My Passport for Mac hard drives are available in 500GB and 1TB varieties, providing a significant boost to the internal memory on Ultrabooks and MacBook Airs. WD has intentionally styled these products to fit the aesthetic of these notebooks, with clean lines and, of course, a “svelte” form factor.

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Here’s the wonderfully titled Western Digital executive vice president and general manager of branded products and consumer electronics groups Jim Welsh.

“Whether you are a member of the creative community or simply use your Mac to enjoy digital content on-the-go, users will find the perfect portable storage solution with WD’s My Passport Studio and My Passport for Mac high-capacity portable hard drives,” Welsh said.

“We know the value our customers place on their digital content, which is why we set demanding requirements for durability, security, and long-term reliability, with all our drives.”

The My Passport Studio is available for RRP $249 (500GB) and $349 (1TB), while the My Passport for Mac is a little bit cheaper, at RRP $149 (500GB) and $299 (1TB).

The new My Passport for Mac.