By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Police are on the hunt for three men after an armed robbery in Homebush on Friday of 170 Toshiba notebooks. The theft occurred at an industrial warehouse on Parramatta Road, with the suspected criminals forcing three employees at the site to assist them in the robbery.

According to New South Wales Police, the Toshiba computers have a combined worth of $200,000.

“About 4.30am [Friday], a black Mercedes and a white van drove into the rear entrance of the industrial warehouse on Parramatta Road at Homebush,” said a Police spokesperson.

“Three men then forced their way inside and loaded approximately 170 Toshiba notebook computers from two pallets into the rear of the vehicles.”

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The attack lasted just seven minutes, with two security guards and a cleaner press ganged into assisting in the crime.

NSW Police are currently sourcing CCTV footage of the crime scene and advising the public to be wary of anyone selling Toshiba notebooks outside of a traditional retail environment.