A look at the new Huawei Experiential Zone at Chatswood.
A look at the new Huawei Experiential Zone at Chatswood.

Chinese smartphone, tablet and connectivity brand Huawei has upped its push into the hearts, minds and hands of Australian consumers, announcing five ‘Experiential Zones’ in Westfield shopping centres throughout Sydney.

Zones are already up and running at Chatswood and Parramatta, with Bondi and Sydney City launching this weekend and Miranda coming online on 16 March 2015.

These Zones will showcase Huawei’s nascent range of smartphones, including its 6-inch Full HD Mate 7 handset, as well as tablets and mobile broadband devices. Huawei also markets a deep and wide range of professional products and solutions to government and enterprise clients though this is not expected to be promoted at the Zones.

Kiosks have become a popular avenue for marketing directly to consumers in recent years, with Sony, Nespresso, Acer, Microsoft and Google all employing the general concept in different ways.

To find out more about what these Zones entail, I spoke to Jean Boyd, retail marketing manager at Huawei Australia.

One on one interaction is available at the Huawei zones.
One on one interaction is available at the Huawei zones.

Why is Huawei doing this?

The launch of the experiential zones is part of a long term brand strategy for Huawei Australia. Since its launch into the Australian market in 2010, Huawei have been committed to providing Australians with the latest in mobile and mobile broadband technology at competitive prices. The Experiential Zones showcase the complete range of live Huawei products so customers can interact with the product and feel for themselves the latest mobile innovations.

What has to happen for this to be considered a success?

Ultimately, the measure of success will be seeing more Australian’s enjoying Huawei product. The Experiential Zones are strategically positioned around telcos and consumer electronics retailers, who sell various products in the Huawei range. Globally, Huawei is a leading smartphone provider, we’d love to see the brand loyalty continue to grow in Australia.

The Experiential Zones are strategically positioned in high foot traffic metro shopping areas in order to gain maximum brand awareness. Huawei staff at the Experiential Zones are all expertly trained. They can talk through our Australian customers’ requirements to ensure they are choosing a product best suited to their needs. All Experiential Zones are fitted with Wi-Fi and seating, customers are invited to come down and, overall, have a great Huawei experience.

Will Huawei be selling at these zones?

There are no plans for Huawei to sell from the Experiential Zones in the immediate future. But Huawei product is available for purchase from our retail partners within the shopping centres.

Will the zones be travelling interstate?

We’d love to bring the Huawei Experiential Zones to other areas, we will have to wait and see!