By enhancing in-store activity.

In-store displays, activations, product demonstrations and brand ambassador programs should be a focus for retailers to amplify impact and maximise sales in the weeks leading up to Christmas, according to Crossmark CEO, Andy Kirk.

“Consumers are seeking a more engaging and seamless shopping experience which is why it’s important that brands create a close and engaging connection with the customer and ensure their products stand out in-store,” he said.

Kirk said retailers should be focusing on these key areas in the lead up to and during peak sales periods:

  • On shelf availability – stock should be replenished before any missed sales opportunities
  • Merchandising – maximise on-shelf impact for your product and brand to stand out
  • Off-location stock replenishment – temporary off-location displays will only stay on the shop floor as long as there is stock
  • Prioritise top-tier stores – use data intelligence to identify best performing stores
  • Review tier B stores – identify what additional support can be provided
  • Replenish top 10 SKUs – consider tactical strategies that can be developed depending on brand performance in stores

An experienced field marketing agency can assist retailers by providing support during peak times, Kirk said.

“For example, rolling out a national campaign across 2,500+ mass retail stores in a single day can be a logistical challenge for any brand. However, a field marketing agency with expertise and appropriate technology can take the pressure off a brand’s internal team,” he said.

Another tip from Kirk is to execute short-term customer engagement strategies such as in-store product demonstrations with trained brand ambassadors. “The key objective is to sell directly to customers by approaching and engaging them in or near the category to ensure every sales opportunity is maximised.”

Technology can also help track sales. Crossmark has developed its bespoke StoreTrack technology with specific capabilities that enhance visibility and transparency into the performance of a brand. The data can provide retailers and suppliers with reports that allow them to make informed decisions.

“While bricks and mortar stores are under increasing pressure to deliver ROI, planning and executing a strategic sales and marketing campaign during the seasonal sales rush can offer strong brand engagement and awareness, while driving in-store traffic and sales growth to the bottom line.”