Haier washing machines and dryers are designed to help simplify laundry routines with a range of specialised cycles that cater to different fabric types and Wi-Fi connectivity for easier management and control.

Washing and drying at high temperatures can cause avoidable damage to fabrics over time. That’s why Haier has developed innovations for gentle, hygienic and convenient washing and drying at lower temperatures, helping to keep clothes at their best for longer.

A Refresh steam cycle on both Haier washing machines and dryers quickly freshens up clothes by gently deodorising and removing creases. Using minimal water and energy, it’s a more sustainable alternative to a full wash and dry.

Other sustainable features include the Eco wash option which reduces energy usage by up to 44% and water use by over 25 litres per load on the Cotton cycle.

For the health conscious, Haier’s UV Protect wash modifier uses sanitising ultraviolet light to kill more than 99.99% of bacteria* at low wash temperatures for gentle care. There are also Allergy cycles and Sanitise wash and dry options that help kill 99.99% of bacteria.**

For added convenience, Smart Dosing automatically delivers the right amount of laundry detergent based on the load and wash cycle, helping to minimise detergent waste and residue on clothes. The +Garment feature on Haier front load washing machines makes it possible to easily add or remove an item after the wash cycle has started.

Haier’s heat pump dryers work at low temperatures to dry fabrics gently and effectively without releasing moisture. With dedicated cycles for different fabrics, it’s possible to dry delicate fabrics like synthetics and wool. For items that cannot be tumbled, the Rack Dry cycle can dry shoes, hats and jumpers on a specially designed rack that fits in the drum.

With Wi-Fi enabled control, connect to Haier’s smart laundry appliances through the SmartHQ app to view status updates, receive notifications and control the appliances from anywhere.

Available in white and dark finishes, Haier washing machines and dryers are complementary in design for a seamless laundry aesthetic.

*Independently tested to eliminate greater than 99.99% of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli using the Durable cycle + UV Sanitise wash option.

**Independently tested to eliminate greater than 99.99% of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli using the Cotton cycle + Sanitise wash/dry option.