Delonghi CEO, Fabio Delonghi flew in to Sydney on Wednesday from Singapore and immediately began a whirlwind tour of his local operations and visits with its key retail partners. It was three years since his last visit and he was quickly moving onto Melbourne and then New Zealand after Sydney.

When Appliance Retailer caught up with the ‘man behind the brand’ at Myer’s flagship store in Westfield yesterday, he was unveiling a cutting edge point of sale display in the small appliances department.

The display underlined the key purpose of Delonghi’s visit which was to explore the company’s in store execution which is a critical performance indicator  for him. He sees the presentation of the DeLonghi high quality products essential for brand integrity and sales success.


Fabio DeLonghi (left) with Myer Sydney assistant store manager Geoff Garlick

“Australian retailing has progressed significantly since my last visit, and I am very pleased to see the high standards of presentation and display in the electrical departments. It is a strong environment to present our high quality products in the best way possible,” he said.

Display has interactive surface

Delonghi’s new display is based on the Translook technology, developed in Korea using a consumer proximity sensor, various surfaces such as a fridge door, drinks cabinets and glass doors can instantly be transformed into touch-screen displays — allowing consumers to interact with the items inside.

Touch sensors allows consumers to control the direction of the turntable inside the showcase giving a 360-degree view of the product on display, while at the same time showing product information on the transparent screen.

The Myer display has been personalised for DeLonghi’s customers, enabling them choose which coffee they want and how to make it.

According to Translook, the window interface can be widely used at any retailers that display actual products and information such as luxury and consumer goods, cosmetics, home appliances, and liquor.