Whirlpool Pedestal

Whirlpool Inspired to New Heights
Whirlpool, the world’s largest manufacturer of household appliances has delivered their latest innovative accessory for front loading washing machines – the pedestal (AMC906).  Designed with ergonomics and storage in mind, the pedestal alleviates any potential risk to your lower back when loading the washing machine while creating much needed space for all your laundry needs.

Often a barrier to deciding on a front loader, the height of the front loader portal can be raised by 310mm to make access to the door and unloading to a basket much easier.

Constructed from sturdy steel, the Whirlpool pedestal is designed specifically for the dimensions of Whirlpool’s front loading washers. The pedestal firmly attaches to the front load washer’s front feet to avoid the potential for vibration and increase safety.

Whirlpool’s pedestal also provides a spacious, easy access drawer to cut down on the clutter of towels, soap powder and cleaning products in the laundry and with a quality finish it integrates perfectly with a Whirlpool laundry.
The pedestal is manufactured by Whirlpool for Whirlpool and will be available from all leading appliance retailers. This proves yet again Whirlpool’s dedication to continually delivering improvements and supreme quality in household appliances.

For further information go to www.whirlpool.com.au