Franjo Bobinac Gorenje 14.6.2016 Velenje Slovenija [Franjo Bobinac,Gornjer,Velenje,Slovenija]

Ahead of other offers.

Hisense won the takeover bid for Asko parent company, Gorenje, ahead of four other offers from potential Asian strategic partners active in the household appliance industry, including Panasonic.

In May 2018, Gorenje management board was informed by the agent acting for Hisense Luxemburg Home Appliance Holdings of the publication of the takeover offer and prospectus for the purchase of Gorenje shares.

Hisense committed to launch a takeover intent within 15 days and announced its takeover bid of all shares to major shareholders. Hisense now owns 95% of Gorenje.

President of the Gorenje Management Board, Franjo Bobinac was appointed VP – marketing for Hisense

The following criteria was considered when assessing the offer: the strategic elements, the basis for the initiation of the strategic partnership process, the feasibility of the transaction, and the price per share offered to shareholders.

Last month, shortly after becoming part of the Hisense Group, Gorenje launched their appliances in the Chinese market marked by an event for Chinese customers, retailers and media.