At the ‘Hisense Home’ event in Sydney last week, Hisense head of marketing, Gideon Lui explained the brand’s strategy when it comes to three key pillars: value, quality and sustainability.

“At Hisense, our mission is to continue to provide great value that doesn’t compromise on quality or the environment. We want to help everyday Australians and Kiwis better manage the rising cost-of-living as well,” he said.

“We are lifting the bar in innovation across our entire 2023 range, particularly with our Laser TV and Laser Cinema offerings. Our passion for convenience in the features demonstrated to make life easier also links to our ConnectLife app, which allows you to control products remotely via your smartphone.

“Sustainability is also something close to our heart. We are proud to be playing a bigger role in this space as a brand which starts with Hisense global. To be able to experience the scale of our operations and the potential of the brand first-hand in Qingdao recently was incredible.

“Our 2023 product range is just the tip of the iceberg. In years to come, we will continue to innovate, especially in the sustainability space. We are starting to see the dedication to sustainability early on in our supply chain with improvements in manufacturing with greener energy and more eco-friendly packaging.

“In 2023, 95% of our cardboard packaging will be made from recycled material and by 2025, the Australian target for recycled content in new packaging is 50% but for Hisense in 2023, we’ve already achieved over 75%. This shows our commitment to being more sustainable and taking the lead to set an example for the market that sustainability is at the heart of what we do.

“Our ConnectLife app enables users to monitor their energy consumption across a range of devices and be more mindful of their own environmental footprint. We can’t manage what we can’t measure so by enabling and empowering our users with this ability is a great first step.

“Our messaging is dedicated to being the most reliable and most attainable household brand. We have the expertise to speak the latest technology and innovation but also dispel the tech jargon to be more relatable and understandable among everyday users. We will continue to be customer-focused with a commitment to provide premium products at great prices without any compromise on quality or the environment.

“As reflected in our latest brand platform, it ‘Just Makes Sense’ for Hisense to be top of mind for everyday Australians and Kiwis when they are considering building their own ‘Hisense Home’.”