By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Key TV buzzwords “smart” and “3D” were high on the agenda yesterday at LG’s 2011 TV launch in Sydney. While it is difficult to differentiate between the big brands in the current smart/3D climate, LG attempted to do so by introducing a few novel accessory products.

The first major standout – perhaps even drawcard – are LG’s Cinema 3D glasses, weighing in at 16 grams and with no electrical parts, consumers can purchase two for RRP $19. Linked to this is LG’s 3D offering, arguably a much improved offering from prior releases thanks to the elimination of the ‘flicker effect’.

An additionally impressive 3D feature is the 2D to 3D conversion, which allows consumers to upload their own photos for 3D conversion. This, said LG, tackles the issue of content, which plagued 3D’s uptake particularly in 2010.

LG’s Smart TV offering is on par with other big brands. It has teamed up with Yahoo!7, Fox Sports, BigPond and GoConnect. Worth mentioning however, is the user intuitive Magic Motion remote control which in essence offers computer-mouse-like control of the TV screen; LG describes it as a ‘point and click system’.

Many were impressed with LG’s Smart TV Upgrader (ST600, RRP $199), a small (11 centimetres squared) device which allows users to internet-enable their regular HD TV via an HDMI connection (it does not have to be an LG TV). It will be available in the middle of May and could be a valuable up sell. 

The LG PZ series is available now: 50-inch RRP $1,699 and 60-inch $2,599.

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The top of the line LW series with LG Cinema 3D with Smart TV technology will be available from mid April with RRPs to be announced at the same time.