By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Sunbeam has moved quickly to assure its retail partners that all Verve irons currently being supplied feature a design adjustment based on consumer feedback. This announcement was made after an older version of the Verve was used in a consumer road test on tabloid current affairs programme A Current Affair.

“Recently we have responded to consumer feedback regarding the balance of our Verve irons by enhancing the design to ensure optimum stability,” said Sunbeam CEO David Jackson. “While the original Verve models comply with all industry safety standards, the new improved design far exceeds these.”

During the A Current Affair road test, the reporter used one of the Verve models from before this design change. At the conclusion of this segment, ACA declared Kambrook (entry), Philips (mid) and Tefal (premium) to be the best irons on the market.

“Our response to consumer feedback was immediate, with the enhanced model now available throughout Australia. All product dispatched from our warehouse is the new improved Verve models only,” continued Jackson.

“The Sunbeam brand has a long-established reputation for providing Australian consumers with locally designed and engineered products of the highest quality and that meet their needs. We look forward to continuing this in the future.” has contacted ACA reporter Laura Tunstall for comment.